What is “The Realignment?”

Economic questions have become more relevant than ever in today’s political conversati0n. Our political candidates differentiate themselves largely based on their brand of economic “philosophy.”   Do they want more government or less? For example, the Republican Party claims that lowering taxes on the wealthy leads to economic growth and new jobs. But is this actually so? I’ve noticed that when the public is confronted by claims like this , we too often accept the underelying premise and move too quickly to related subordinate questions of  “how much” and, “for whom?” A new rhetorical style has entered our politics, something we can identify as the specious self-evident; notions that are plausible enough on their face to be tacitly accepted, yet are entirely false (or, at least, not supported by the data). Despite the impressive effectiveness of this style (tantamount to mind control in its ability to become embedded people’s speech and thinking), it is not very hard to find the relvant data, expose the truth, and thereby re-align our thinking. What I call The Realignment is not an economic revolution, but a new understanding that will shift our allegiance between forms of Capitalism. What we propose here is resolutely Capitalist, yet not Laissez-Faire.  It’s an approach that better balances the roles of Government and Private Industry, as well as the interests of rich and poor, by applying the right kinds of regulation, and the right degree of income redistribution. The Realignment brings us a policy which really will grow the economy and increase opportunity, in short, it is Capitalism Done Right. As many economists know, but the Right refuses to recognise, redistribution of wealth is not an evil, or even a necessary evil, but a deliberate positive policy, that when applied correctly, actually improves the economy. Let’s begin…

  • Do Low Marginal Tax Rates Lead to Economic Growth? 


  • Didn’t the Government Cause the Economic Crash of 2008?
  • Greenspan’s Flaw: The Reason Laissez-Faire Fails
  • Why No Jobs? Uncertainty vs Lack of Demand
  • Is Small Business the Engine of Job Creation?
  • Tax Breaks and the Debt
  • Tax Breaks and Income Inequality

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